Selecting A Career Path Can Be Difficult. Here’s What You Can Do About It

With the rules of global economy changing every minute and diverse career choices accessible more than ever, students have a wide range of educational options which were not available three to four decades ago. More and more students all over the world are looking towards career counselling or academic advice. Academic advice is more than about guiding you to the best colleges in your region; it’s about guiding you to the best colleges which will fulfill your academic and career goals.

So why is it so important to explore every option before deciding on your college degree? Why not simply go for math major because you always wanted to be an engineer. You don’t need to talk to an expert for making that decision. Or do you?

The most important reason why you want to talk to a career counselor is to make the first right step. This step is not only towards your professional education but towards your entire professional life. Studies have shown that the probability of success of college students increases when they make progress towards their academic and then career goals.

It’s of utmost importance that you have a clear idea of the career path you want to follow. A clear idea can then set realistic goals. A guidance counselor can help you select your college education goal oriented. Let’s say you have a goal to make it to the regional under 19 volleyball team and that’s your prime focus. With your counselor you can research on the sports programs and scholarships in your regional colleges and reach a decision. Counselors can also set up meetings between students and college admission offices.

Colleges all over the world are not selecting students just on the basis of the high school grades or SAT grades. They are looking at the entire package. If you have already developed a skill during your high school, you can use that advantage for your college application. Career counselors help identify the skills you can put in your application and also in recommending colleges which have programs specifically for these skills. Thus the skills and experience you have gained before college can go a long way.

Many applicants have a common misconception that there are only 2 to 3 types of financial aid options. You would be surprised to know that colleges offer a plethora of resources from merit based scholarships to in-campus job opportunities. Career counselors are the best advice source for students with diverse interests. What if you are sociology student but also have a knack for physics. Your counselor will assist you with different majors and minors offered in colleges and what suits you best.

Many countries in the world are legally required to have career counselors in schools but unfortunately not all the students have this facility for them. Counsell provides a space where you can find academic counselors and set up text, video and/or audio meetings. Together you can explore the best which is out there and prepare yourself for your desired career path.