How To Find Your Professional Hourly Rate!

Once you're done setting up your profile and putting up the right and professional profile picture, you need to get down to business. So, before you open shop, you need to set up an hourly rate that you will be charging your customers. Counsell is such a platform that allows you to make money by providing your services. So, for that, you must know your worth and the services you would be providing. For example, you might need to conduct a survey or research how much the people already in this profession are charging or earning. You might also need to look up the demand for your services in the market so you can work up a rate accordingly.

If your advice is one of a kind and highly recognized, you may be able to charge a higher price but it's always safer to start with low rates, keeping in mind that it would attract a larger customer base. Gradually, with time, when you've built a loyal clientele, you may rise your rate. Apart from that, it would be wise to keep a steady rate at first, customers tend to get irritated with a constantly changing rate. Give them some time to adjust and avoid drastic price changes. Once you've determined your rate, through detailed deliberation, you can test the waters by checking the customer response to the price. If they start booking you immediately, that means you've gained their approval. If they complain about how the rate is too high, take that into consideration and rethink your strategy. For getting a kick-start on your professional profile, follow this link;